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Baseball Terms Used In The Game

Before you can ever play your best game of baseball you need to be aware of the lingo used in the game. There are nearly over one hundred different baseball terms that you could learn but there are some in particular which are most important to remember. Without knowing at least the basic baseball terms, you’re not going to have any idea what the other players are talking about. The first is the term ace, which you’re probably used to hearing in the professional games.

This term describes a team’s best starting pitcher, which is the pitcher that a coach will usually put in the first at the beginning of a game to get their team off to a good start. Backdoor slider is a pitch thrown that may appear to be going out of the strike zone but which can then break back over the plate. This is a tricky pitch that can catch hitters off guard and cause them to strike out. The term bing-bang play is commonly used when a fielder catches his ball with a glove and it lands near his waist or belt level.

Another of the most important baseball terms to use is caught looking which refers to a batter being called out on strikes. The term fungo is used to refer to a ball hit to a fielder during practice. This is one of the most basic baseball drills in practice which helps to warm the players up and get them ready for a game. Homers are hits that go so far out of bounds the player is able to run around and get a point.

When the ball is hit so far that it goes past the reach of the players farthest in the outfield, it’s called a homer. The term pepper is used when a player bunts grounds to teammates who are standing about twenty feet away. To have players pepper you need to have one who is the designated pitcher and who is going to bunt grounds to teammates while standing about twenty feet away. A pitcher who is left-handed is called a southpaw.

These are just some of the many different baseball terms that are used. Once you know the terms you can start conversing in baseball lingo with your coach and team and feel much more a part of the game. It can seem hard to take at first with the multitude of terms there are to learn, but you’ll quickly start to get the hang of things. Baseball terms also help to create a bond between players.

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